How to become a Male Escort for Women

How to become a male escort for Women.

By Tom Raffael

My name is Tom Raffael I am a high-class male escort for women, I can consider my self a successful male escort for women and couples.

I acted as a male escort for women in New York, London, Paris, Monaco, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong I have a list with more than 500 clients couples and women.
In this article, I will give all the tips and information for anyone who wants to perform the role of male escort for women and finance successfully.
in my guide, I will provide you with all the information you need to know to enter the market for male escorts for women.

I am will report part of my experiences and everything I lived, I will teach you everything about this exotic and different profession without lies and without illusions so that you do not make mistakes when you decide to be a professional male escort.
My guide is an excellent investment because here you will learn how to earn money being a professional male escort.

My Origin

I have a Swiss and Panama nationality I am a Latin lover I became a worldwide man thanks to the profession of male escort for women that I met by accident.
Looks strange i thanks to this profession because I had the opportunity to visit 91 countries and live in 13 cities around the world work as a male escort for women Ho Chi Minh City, Dubai, Bangkok, Mexico City, Paris, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Hamburg, New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and Shanghai. I speak 4 languages ​​English, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese basic skills.

My Story

My story begins in the city of Santiago de Chile at the age of 28, I come from a middle-class family because of the misfortune of destiny I lost my parents and my girlfriend in a car accident.
We had a kitchens factory that was run by my father and my uncles, when my father and mother passed away I did not have the knowledge to run the factory, and my two uncles for maladministration made our company go bankrupt, we got into debt and lost everything.

I went to try life in the city of Santiago de Chile because of my inexperience, I had difficulty when I try to find a decent job that gave me a good salary and the fact that I lost my family and a car accident complicated my financial situation since I was supported by my parents.
After several attempts and not getting a decent job I  do temporary work to survive I worked at events, hostess, model, I worked in decoration shops as a decorator, but all these jobs did not guarantee me any future and not made my dreams flow.

I write this article not to stimulate anyone to be a male escort for women I wrote these pages to pass the right tips to anyone who is interested in entering the male escort sex industry and for curious men interested in having more information about the world of male escorts.
study and join a university is always the best option to ensure their future in the medium and long term, the male escort profession is not a profession to pursue life but with intelligence you can have high incomes and raise money to pay the university you can have a better quality of life or simply invest the money buy an apartment or do some financial investment.
in my case, I accidentally joined the male escort profession changed my whole life and for better in every way financial and intellectual, nowadays if I wanted to use 100% of my potential and the knowledge I possess to make money I would be a male escort was more financially successful without any shadow of a doubt.


Many people have heard of the male escort profession for women but hardly anyone knows what it means, few people know how the world of male escorts for women works, women and couples who wish to hire male escorts know little about this profession the true reality and what society thinks about them.

A professional straight male escort offering company services give pleasure and perform fantasies and fetishes of women and couples.

We must also remember that a male escort is not always hired to perform sex services they often are hired to accompany women at business dinners, intimate parties for two, in my case already hired to dance with ladies at parties and celebrations.

Women hired me to accompany them at weddings and events, to be a boyfriend, to accompany women on trips in all kinds of situations.

We must remember that only 1% of male escorts around the world are heterosexual it means only 1% of male escorts work exclusively for women, the remaining 99% of male escorts work for gay customers.

The world of male escorts for women is different special and small with some genuine heterosexual gentleman offering companion services for women.

TIP: Whenever you place an advertisement on the internet or in magazines you must mention that you are a straight male escort who works exclusively with women.

What do women seek when hiring a male escort?

What does a woman look for when she decides to hire a male escort?

Some women just want to have fun, look for a beautiful and charming male escort compatible with her and spend a pleasant time with him.

However, this is not a general rule. Not all women look for sex, in most cases, women like to talk, they seek to be understood, so they choose a special, sensitive man who admires them and increases their self-esteem.

Many of the women ladies and couples who come in search of an anonymous male escort are well-placed people in society, company directors, CEOs, women involved in politics, others with prominent positions within governments with high socioeconomic power who wish to relax and feel they get on well with themselves.
They are intellectual intelligent women who often seek such services in order to feel valued and idolized by a special sensitive and different exotic male escort.

Many women still married with extramarital problems that often do not have romantic relations with their husbands, others women doing business, demanding and timeless women who seek a free time within their schedule to relax and have fun if there are cases of women virgins with 40 years who are in search of the first sexual intercourse and choose to hire a professional, there are different types of request of services for a male escort.

Unfortunately, we live in a paradigm in which women still face a lot of prejudice, in our society men can go out shirtless and show their breasts and nobody cares’ correct?

Did you visit the tribe of Indians?

For it is in indigenous tribe women walk all day showing their breasts and no one cares is shocked or offended, indigenous women raised in this paradigm, in an indigenous tribe is not considered an offense a woman displays her breasts to the indigenous tribes this is normal no one cares they were created like that.
In our society, if a woman goes to the beach and shows her breasts most people get amazed or offended.

This is the paradigm in which we live the result of a retrograde education of a society that prevented women from having the same rights as a man.
Many things change with female evolution but at slow speed.

So many of these women looking for a solution and the best alternative they find is hire a professional male escort to make them feel comfortable.


In recent years for some reasons we experiencing great changes in regard to female evolution. To understand the reasons for this change we have to understand little of the past.

Women have long fought for their rights throughout the world in search of opportunities to participate in the political, economic and cultural life of their countries.

It was necessary for 129 women to be locked and burned alive inside a factory in England, when they discussed at a meeting the rights they could claim, such as breastfeeding their children, claiming overtime, days off for their rights being recognized.

Fifty years later, on March 8, 1910, the International Women’s Day was created.

We live in a society where women were educated for many years to marry and become women in the home in return men were responsible for working and seeking the family livelihood, in a way for any human being to have someone who expenses and comfortable but at the same time this brings serious disadvantages in the long run, unfortunately we lived for many years in a macho world but a few years ago much has begun to change, we live in a society still controlled by men, much of the things done in this world is still made to satisfy the male ego.

An example! Porn Movies’ Who most of the time gets more pleasure in a porn movie? Who is always at a disadvantage? Answer women.

Have you ever seen a porn movie done to 100% satisfy a woman sexual needs and desires?

In recent years we face the evolution of women, today women occupy positions of relevance in large companies, CEOs, managers, technology, design, creation, we seeing women becoming excellent policies case of Michele Bachelet chancellor of Chile Ângela Merkel chancellor of Germany and Hilary Clinton a successful woman in the USA. Today we see many women having their fortunes included in Forbes.

Women all over the world gain political space, a voice in society many women have economic power by causing them to create demands that most of the man cannot satisfy.

Thinking of the poet Victor Hugo The man is the eagle that flies; The woman the nightingale who sings.

However, the woman tired of being only the nightingale who sings also decided to fly and dominate the space.


It is difficult to explain, but orgasm is a pleasure, the maximum ecstasy of pleasure that a woman or man feels during the sexual act.

In a sexual relationship, men reach orgasm when they manipulate their penis or when they penetrate the woman. For them it is much easier to get there by means of stimuli in the clitoris – a small pink organ in the upper part of the vulva – that only by the penetration. The clitoris works as a kind of trigger for female pleasure.

Orgasm alone with penetration is a little more complicated for women!

In general, it requires greater practice, tranquility, and intimacy with the partner. other differences exist in relation to the duration and the time necessary to reach the maximum point of pleasure.

For women usually, the orgasm takes a little longer to happen.

However, when it arrives, it tends to be longer than the masculine.

After orgasm, both sexes go through the so-called refractory period, a recovery phase before a new sexual activity can be engaged. For them, this period is much shorter than for men: within a few seconds, most women would already be able to experience more pleasure.

Already among them, this recovery period tends to be greater, and many exhaust their daily sexual activities after a single orgasm.

To conclude: they can have multiple orgasms, that is, several followed, almost without intervals, that can provide an apogee of pleasure for a much longer time.

It’s almost like a bus coming after another, without stopping! Among men, this phenomenon does not happen.

They even have to wait for the next train to pass.

And there are days that this train takes time…

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